GMT01 Roland Korg

by Misha Hollenbach

  • Limited Edition Cassette

    The inaugural release on Good Morning Tapes comes from Roland Korg aka Misha Hollenbach (P.A.M. / Perks and Mini).

    A wild meandering mix of vinyl, home recordings, locked grooves & unexplainable ghost-like frequencies permeating through 85 minutes of tape.

    Listening too it feels almost as though you're engaging in a sigil or black magick pagan ritual.

    Its proper Ouija Board business....

    Recorded by Misha Hollenbach in Paris late 2016.

    Limited release of 35 copies only. (An MP3 of the tape can obtained after purchasing)

    Sound snippets of the tape available here:

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    Sold Out


released May 18, 2017



Goodmorningtapes Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

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